Monday, 24 March 2014

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 25 Promise

This is it! Sei Iori / Reiji had won the Gunpla World Battle Championship, but what coming next? The Arian gemstone is the last mystery related to Plavsky Particle. It will only finale on the last episode 25.

teaser from Episode 24 : Dark Matter
from left to right:
Wing Fenice Rinascita, Miss Sazabi, Build Strike Gundam, Gerbera Tetra, BearguyIII, Mk-II, Sengoku Astray 

Gundam Build Fighters Final Episode 25 "Promise" screenshots and cameos

Gunplas that "defending" the world from "machine invasion" are:

Build Gundam Mk-II by Sei Iori

Star Build Strike in wounded condition, Reiji

Bearguy III KUMA-003 - piloted by China Kousaka

the automaton enemy on the last episode , it's called Mock , and ironically
the only original gunpla design in Gundam Build Fighters, which referred to 'bootleg' by Ricardo Fellini

Gundam Fenice Rinascita and Gerbera Tetra, by duo Ricardo Fellini and Kirara

Miss Sazabi, piloted by Aila Jyrkiainen

SD Knight Gundam Full Armor - by Caroline

bootlegs bootlegs everywhere ... legions of automaton Mock in the final battle

Sengoku Astray Gundam, by Nils Nielsen

Gouf R35 , pilot by veteran Mr. Ral

Mao Yasaka newest gunpla, Crossbone X Maoh

Master Chinan in obvious Master Gundam model, one of my most favorite gunpla model

Takeshi Iori with his Perfect Gundam

the Promise

Amazing Exia Repair vs customized Star Build Strike + Fenice Rinascita + Crossbone X Maoh
a promised fight between Sei/Reiji vs Yuuki

Field 1 is the same layout as in episode 1

the Epilogues

Allan Adams and Yuuki in the future, give gunpla lessons to youngster

Gyan Vulcan is not bad at all in design

Master Chinan playing gunpla with his favorite grand-pupils, Mao Yasaka

and the most happy ending.... Aila Jyrkiainen is the new princess in Arian world

8th Gunpla World Championship in preview, Sandrock and Gundam GN-0000 0, this maybe the clue that Sunrise would not create Build Fighters Season 2 soon, at least not now

the place of 8th Gunpla World Battle Championship 

a cameo of Setsuna Seiei and Lockon Stratos in the final scene

Caroline achieved her dreams to be with Nils forever,
Nils achieved his goals to master the knowledge of Plavsky Particle

charming miss Baker in the Arian world, selling Mock model
the last punch from Bandai to counterfeit companies, as ex Chairman Mashita is a criminal in Arian world, cameo-ing the thief stealing Bandai original design

Build Strike Cosmos - Sei Iori modification for 8th World Battle Championship
please make it into real model Bandai!


see cameos in other Episodes HERE

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