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Gundam Build Fighter Eps 14 Codename C and Cameos

A lot of Gunpla models appearances in Gundam Build Fighter Episode 14. From the shooting race, tamaire,  three on three battle , and finally the racing competition. So, it is for sure Sunrise is not going to make Build Fighter a 'traditional' Gundam fight. Instead, this is a multi event, Olympiad - style event. A clever move indeed, this create endless room of creativity for the storyline and avoided a one on one Gunpla duel that we already seen in thirty years!

Here's all the screenshots.
Most of the unit identification credit to Darrien, see in comments section below.
(sorry only low resolution this time..)

the Gunpla shooting tournament - Eagail and Gazu-L

Gundam Build Mk II

Build Mk II

happy gunpla playing tamaire, Heavyarms and Over Flag / variant

Buster (custom), Deathscythe (custom), Spiegel, Guncannon, Kapool

Deathscythe (Custom), Buster (Custom), Guncannon, Zock, Kapool, Spiegal (Custom), SD Musha Gundam, Gazu-R, Flag, Build Mk-II, Heavyarms

Three on Three Battle - Star Build Strike - MK II - Mercurius

it's a bit of confusion because ...
X Maoh is then appear as their team as well 


V2 Victory Gundam

GiNN and PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn from Gundam Zeta

All the Race Winners
Abigorbine - Luang Dallara

Rainer Cziommer's unit, Loto,  is yet unsuccessful in making trouble to his 'nemesis' Ricardo Fellini 

Wing Fenice and Meteor Hopper 

Amazing Kampfer - Meijin Kawaguchi

Qubeley Papillon - Aila Jyrkiainen of Finland

and Sengoku Astray's and Fuunsaiki  is much faster than other 'jet' gunpla
Fuunsaiki is usually attached by Master Gundam in Mobile Fighter G Gundam series

and the last race between:
Star Build Strike with its Plavsky Wing, but lost the race due to...

sabotage by Code 'C', in Hell Zeong Marine model

BuCue Tank is the eventually winner

the other units in the last race, in the back RX-110 Gabthley and FLAT

EMS-10 Zudah, and Jaber base

Moebius Zero and G-Armor - surprisingly Moebius Zero is slower than BuCue Tank?

Gundam Kyrios!

Gundam Maxter

Den'an Zon with Twinrad 

Cameos on previous Episode 11 / 12 - Episode 13 - Episode 15/16 - Episode 17 - Episode 19

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  1. 1. Eagail and Gazu-R
    2/3. Build Mk-II
    4. ? and Overflag/Graham Flag/GN Flag
    5. Buster (custom), Deathscythe (custom), Spiegel, Guncannon, Kapool
    6. Deathscythe (Custom), Buster (Custom), Guncannon, Zock, Kapool, Spiegal (Custom), others dunno for sure
    7. Build Mk-II, Mercurius, X Maoh
    8. X Maoh
    9. V2 (Custom)
    10. GINN, Bolinoak Sammahn
    11. Abigorbine
    12. Loto
    13. Wing Gundam Fenice
    14. Kampfer Amazing
    15. Qubeley Papillon
    16. Sengoku Astray, Fuunsaiki
    17. Star Build Strike
    18. Hell Zeong Marine
    19. BuCUE Tank
    20. Gabthely, FLAT
    21. Zudah, Base Jabber
    22. Moebius Zero, G-ARMOR
    23. Kyrios
    24. Maxter
    25. Den'an Zon, Einerad

    1. Ara... 1. is Gazu L, not R
      4. is also Heavygun
      6. also has SD Musha Gundam, and the Gazu-R; the units on the right appear to be GP01, Dijeh, the same Flag, Build Mk-II, the Heavygun, and something else. I've also seen the Gundam in the background to the (our) right of the Zock listed as Wing Gundam. On that note, the V2 appears to be "Zanscare Color", and the G-ARMOR is fitted with a GM instead of the Gundam. Also, on second look, I think that Einerad is actually the Twinrad.

      There's also a handful more cameos in this episode as well not pictured here ^.^.

    2. wow thanks darrien, will updated that!