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Gundam Build Fighter Episode 15 Fighters Radiance - Cameos

This is Gundam Build Fighter Episode 15 : Fighters Radiance screenshots for all gunplas appeared in the episode. In this episode Sei Iori and others has reached the "8th period" of Gunpla Battle World Tournament. By the way, SPOILER Alerts! You can watched the whole episode for free in Youtube, Gundam.Info official channel.

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UPDATED Episode 16: Dad, We Meet Again:

GPB-X80 Beginning Gundam and SD Command, build by Reiji and Aila, recommend by Sei Iori's Dad, Takeshi Iori, International Gunpla Battle Official Referee

Episode 15 cameos:

the 8th Period is Single Battle event
the main teaser are Ricardo Fellini vs Sei Iori / Reiji
the other names are Raman Khan (Haman Karn) - Alejandro Cola (Alejandro Corner), Rosemari Graham (Rosamia Badam
strangely the LED Screen is always monochrome in colors....

GNMA-XCVII Alvatore, 
trivia: Alvatore was piloted by Alejandro Corner in MS Gundam 00, but in this episode Alvatore is paired to Luang Dallara, in other hand, "Alejandro Cola" is paired to Raman Khan

Luang Dallara and Abigorbine is in the Final -16

Sengoku Astray and Nils Nielsen, who may only interested to the Plavsky Technology

Sengoku Astray opponent - Psycho Gundam

Kampfer Amazing by Meijin Kawaguchi

ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam in primary white and cyan resembling Hi-v color
handle by Oman fighter name Khalifa

X Maoh Hyper Canon, easily out beamed his opponent...

ZMT-S29 Zanneck

Geara Doga 

NMX-004 Qubeley Papillon by Aila Jyrkiainen

and the most interesting duel of the 8th Period 

Ricardo Fellini's Fenice Wing 

vs Star Build Strike by Sei Iori / Reiji

not only the gunplas cameos, can you spot the character cameos as well...
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