Monday, 16 December 2013

Gundam Build Fighter Ep 11 Battle Royal Cameos

In Gundam Build Fighter Episode 11 : Battle Royal, we finally arrived at phase 2 of the Gunpla Fight World Tournament. This battle royal session is 90 fighters free fight each other until the number down to 1/3rd, meaning only 30 Gunplas going to survive to next phase. To think about it, there are 90 fighters in phase 2, meaning about 180 fighter initially exist in world tournament. That's a lot of number for world scale, so if each of the 180 fighters was qualifiers, it's mean there are about 180 multiply by at least, say, 30 participants in regional qualifier, about 5000+ fighters in total.

So, I managed to screen cap almost all the model / gunpla that make it to Battle Royal. Here is the screen shot for episode 11, Battle Royal.  UPDATED - Episode 12 as well.
Episode 13 units
Episode 14
Episode 15/16
Episode 17
Episode 19
Episode 23
Episode 24/25

Sei and Reiji in Star Build Strike, is team up with X Maoh to fight...

Abigorbine from Thailand..

Later on, X Maoh arrived from Space, is that mean Luang was.... beaten?

Still in Outer Space...

Contio (pink), and Octape Kai .. together with

Heavy Arms

who speculated to ---maybe--- flee the battle, was facing...

Qubeley Papilon, by Aila
In the City field

this time Trooper Dom was choosing a wrong opponent...

Amazing Kampfer from PPSE

Amazing Kampfer by Meijin Kawaguchi 
(btw, this scene captured from qualifier round..)

In other corner of the city...

interestingly, Aries is hitting ... 

Astray ... and yet

Dynames take down the Aries in the last food of chain

In the Forest..
Dagger N is quickly down with only one stroke from..

Sengoku Astray of Nils Nielsen

In the Desert, most interesting battle,
Wing Fenice attacked by three oldies.

Zaku Tank, MS09-G Dwadge

and one other model 

what is this? Updated: It's Tieren Taozi from Gundam 00 (thanks @DustinWilkinson)

and then attacked by crowd of angry fighters...

GM1-F Bandit

Green custom Gundam Epyon ! 

Gaw carrier, 

Gengaozoa , who leading all the angry bachelors to attack Ricardo Fellini, because he stole their girlfriends

can't remember this one

Updated: it is Vigna Ghina from Gundam F91, thanks @SeabookArno

Gundam Virsago Chest Break

Finally the giant mega size Zaku arrived. Is that mean you can put Gundam Perfect Grade into (mostly) High Grade tournament? LOL...

Mega size Zaku ? UPDATED - Episode 12 said it is Mega Size Zaku, supposedly 1/48 scale

 UPDATED - Episode 12 , MSM-03C Hygogg by Renato Brothers. The unit got destroyed is UMF-5 ZnO in red color!! Did Bandai release ZnO before?

can't wait for next episode!
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  1. That gray-purple MS is Vigna Ghina from Gundam F91.

  2. The pink MS is the MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Taozi from Gundam 00.

  3. Mega Size Zaku complexity level is about HG anyways