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Guide to Bandai High Grade (HG) Logo

This is a beginner guide for understanding the meaning behind Bandai's Gunpla High Grade logo. If you are completely unfamiliar with Gundam TV show series and/or only interested in the Gunpla design rather than to watch the related anime, you may find this guide useful.

In Bandai's Gunpla based on the world of Gundam, they categorized the design into several grades. The Grade simply mean the sizes and the difficulties to assembling it. A quick guide to Bandai Gunpla most common grades you will find in the store:

First Grade - scale 1/144
basic parts and earliest production, recommended for children at least age 5 up

High Grade - scale 1/144

usually about five runners (A,B,C,D,E) and takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to build it, recommended for children at least age 8 years above. About 13 to 16 cm in real height. This grade has the most number of models, there must be about more than 400 models being produced under this size and scale.

Real Grade - scale 1/144
the latest grade from Bandai and introduced in 2010. It is basically a Master Grade in details but comes only in 1/144 sizes as in High Grade. About 13 to 16 cm in height.

Master Grade - scale 1/100
the parts already has skeletal frame. More details than HG. About 17 to 20 cm in height.

Perfect Grade - scale 1/160
This if for hardcore Gunpla enthusiast. Real details in all parts. About 30 cm. As per 2013, there are only about 20 models being produced.

you can read more on Wikipedia

I found the "medium"-level called High Grade is their most popular and most numbers in production. If you confused about the meaning behind their HG logo, this is the Guide to Bandai's Gunpla High Grade (HG) Logo, found in their box cover.

the HG logo mean High Grade and the below text refers to the related TV show
you can find a full list of Gundam Franchise and TV series HERE

almost all known HG logo in the market by Bandai,
Bandai High Grade 1/144 Guide in wallpaper resolution 1280 x 800

The most popular High Grade line is HGUC, about 179 models as per year 2014
The latest line is High Grade Build Fighter based on the current Gundam Build Fighter series.
As the time of writing, Gundam HGCC Correct Century is not yet released and only a prototype of Gundam Turn A model being displayed for public, it is scheduled to released in April 2014.
You can read more about this on Gundam Wikia page.

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