Sunday, 28 June 2015

Cleaning SMC Pentax M 50mm f1.4 - Step by Step Documentations

I am going to share something but no gunpla this time. I have Pentax manual camera with interesting lens attached to it. It is Pentax SMC M 50mm f1.4 (or goto Amazon link). The condition is not good as it buried in the library for over 30 years. It is dusty and worst, a sign of fungi inside. In a quick research it is well known that many manual focus lens can still usable with adapter ring to get it attached into modern DSLR body. I am using Canon body and the PK mount (goto Amazon link) adapter needed to get this Pentax lens attached to it.

As a gunpla builder, ehem, it is challenging to try dissembling the lens and that's exactly what I just done. The lens is quite simple actually in term of construction, and if you used to done small parts in gunpla, this looks quite easy. The most challenging part is how to correctly clean up the dissembled lens (there are 7 lens inside) , remove the dust and fungi. As I am only amateur in lens cleaning, DO NOT take this step by step documentations as 100% correct.

Dismantling Pentax manual focus lens by gunpla lover

The tools I am using :
- screwdriver with correct size
- wet tissue for cleaning the body, lens cleaning cloak  for the lens
- lens air blower 
- something circular to used as cover opening tool, see step 2

This is my step by step documentation on the process for cleaning , dissembling the SMC Pentax-M 50mm 1:1.4 manual focus lens:

step 1, you'll need to open the cover in front of the lens

Friday, 20 February 2015

Gunpla + Light Painting Photography

Gunpla with light painting tricks? Awesome...

I use electrical grinder as the light sources. Fireworks will failed you because it will immediately produced smokes.

Gundam Blue Destiny and its shield is a better composition

Gundam Blue Destiny Unit 2 in action light painting

the close up and the details

brutal fire shower, Bandai's plastic is strong enough to stand the heat

HGBF Gundam X Maoh 

X Maoh under the storm

tags: light painting photography, fireworks gunpla, steel wool gunpla, steelwool photography, long exposure

Sunday, 1 February 2015

G-Exes Jackedge Photos Review

G-Exes Jackedge BMS-004 by Bandai
1/144 HG - AGE - Buy it Here

This unit from Gundam AGE timeline is pretty badass in looking. Yet, G-Exes Jackedge is hard to photograph. Obviously due to its dark color. His rough facial design make the posing also problematic. You need to always give him jackass posing otherwise it will look out of pose.

On the review, this is a simple gunpla unit which great in balance. Articulation is acceptable and can do lot of posing. The torso join between upper body seems a bit loose but not a major problem. Btw, the unit cost in pretty low price, which is good for beginner to try out. Pay attention to the cutting marks, since the color is dark, the mark can be very visible.

I try several poses and these are what selected. Room available light and one single spot light. Enjoy.

side lightning is pretty much giving more details to its badass facial design

G-Exes Jackedge trademark weaponry

Friday, 2 January 2015

Wing Gundam Ver Ka

Enjoy this photo shot of Wing Gundam ver. Ka.

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Bandai 1/100 Wing Gundam ver. Ka
Master Grade

Model Built by: H3ri-m3nk