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New Gundam War Nex A Card Sign BF

If you happen to be a Gundam War Nex-A card game player, the new card sign "BF" had been added into the official card list. Gundam War Nex-A is a card game based on Gundam universe. Unfortunately, no English version of the card, making this game less popular outside Japan. Here the additional 4 cards based on Gundam Build Fighter series, released as per December 2013.

Card Name: Build Strike Gundam
G-Sign : BF
Flavor : Gundam that based on the Strike Gundam , made ​​up Iori Say in addition to remodeling of its own .
Combat deployment [0] : renovated Build Strike System " Constancy " : as a cost , in the friendly hand this card : By discarding the one unit that has a "feature strike system" , can play with roll cost -2 . ( Battle Phase) [1 ] each : Until end of turn , I change to any one of " haste ", " assault " and " High Mobility " , the one special effect one with this card .

Card Name: Star Build Strike Gundam
G-Sign : BF
Flavor : A new Gundam whose last name was created. Facing the world championship tournament with passion and imagination of build Fighters.
Combat deployment High Mobility [0]: renovated Build Strike System] "Constancy": as a cost, in the friendly hand this card: By discarding the one unit that has a "feature strike system", can play with roll cost -2(Battle Phase) [2] for each: the case of warring, to cut at the end of this card can not be the target of enemy effect.

Card Name: Sei and Reiji
G-Sign : BF
Flavor : "I have to make," "I'll fight"
(Self Disposition Phase) [2]: on the one piece of friendly units, I put a +1 / +1 / +1 coin.
(Battle Phase) [1]: I set to one friendly unit with: "Gundam feature", this card.

Card Name: Kampfer Amazing
G-Sign : BF
Flavor : Gundam that are submitted to the World Championship tournament by PPSE Works team of Gundam Battle highest peak.
Combat deployment [0]: renovated [Kampfer system]
"Constancy": as a cost, in the friendly hand this card: By discarding the one unit that has a "feature Kampfer system", can play with roll cost -2.
(Battle Phase) [2]: If you're in the battle area this card, I will roll a single enemy unit with a fighting force of the attack strength of this card below.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Guide to Bandai High Grade (HG) Logo

This is a beginner guide for understanding the meaning behind Bandai's Gunpla High Grade logo. If you are completely unfamiliar with Gundam TV show series and/or only interested in the Gunpla design rather than to watch the related anime, you may find this guide useful.

In Bandai's Gunpla based on the world of Gundam, they categorized the design into several grades. The Grade simply mean the sizes and the difficulties to assembling it. A quick guide to Bandai Gunpla most common grades you will find in the store:

First Grade - scale 1/144
basic parts and earliest production, recommended for children at least age 5 up

High Grade - scale 1/144

usually about five runners (A,B,C,D,E) and takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to build it, recommended for children at least age 8 years above. About 13 to 16 cm in real height. This grade has the most number of models, there must be about more than 400 models being produced under this size and scale.

Real Grade - scale 1/144
the latest grade from Bandai and introduced in 2010. It is basically a Master Grade in details but comes only in 1/144 sizes as in High Grade. About 13 to 16 cm in height.

Master Grade - scale 1/100
the parts already has skeletal frame. More details than HG. About 17 to 20 cm in height.

Perfect Grade - scale 1/160
This if for hardcore Gunpla enthusiast. Real details in all parts. About 30 cm. As per 2013, there are only about 20 models being produced.

you can read more on Wikipedia

I found the "medium"-level called High Grade is their most popular and most numbers in production. If you confused about the meaning behind their HG logo, this is the Guide to Bandai's Gunpla High Grade (HG) Logo, found in their box cover.

the HG logo mean High Grade and the below text refers to the related TV show
you can find a full list of Gundam Franchise and TV series HERE

almost all known HG logo in the market by Bandai,
Bandai High Grade 1/144 Guide in wallpaper resolution 1280 x 800

The most popular High Grade line is HGUC, about 179 models as per year 2014
The latest line is High Grade Build Fighter based on the current Gundam Build Fighter series.
As the time of writing, Gundam HGCC Correct Century is not yet released and only a prototype of Gundam Turn A model being displayed for public, it is scheduled to released in April 2014.
You can read more about this on Gundam Wikia page.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Gundam Build Fighter Ep 11 Battle Royal Cameos

In Gundam Build Fighter Episode 11 : Battle Royal, we finally arrived at phase 2 of the Gunpla Fight World Tournament. This battle royal session is 90 fighters free fight each other until the number down to 1/3rd, meaning only 30 Gunplas going to survive to next phase. To think about it, there are 90 fighters in phase 2, meaning about 180 fighter initially exist in world tournament. That's a lot of number for world scale, so if each of the 180 fighters was qualifiers, it's mean there are about 180 multiply by at least, say, 30 participants in regional qualifier, about 5000+ fighters in total.

So, I managed to screen cap almost all the model / gunpla that make it to Battle Royal. Here is the screen shot for episode 11, Battle Royal.  UPDATED - Episode 12 as well.
Episode 13 units
Episode 14
Episode 15/16
Episode 17
Episode 19
Episode 23
Episode 24/25

Sei and Reiji in Star Build Strike, is team up with X Maoh to fight...

Abigorbine from Thailand..

Later on, X Maoh arrived from Space, is that mean Luang was.... beaten?

Still in Outer Space...

Contio (pink), and Octape Kai .. together with

Heavy Arms

who speculated to ---maybe--- flee the battle, was facing...

Qubeley Papilon, by Aila
In the City field

this time Trooper Dom was choosing a wrong opponent...

Amazing Kampfer from PPSE

Amazing Kampfer by Meijin Kawaguchi 
(btw, this scene captured from qualifier round..)

In other corner of the city...

interestingly, Aries is hitting ... 

Astray ... and yet

Dynames take down the Aries in the last food of chain

In the Forest..
Dagger N is quickly down with only one stroke from..

Sengoku Astray of Nils Nielsen

In the Desert, most interesting battle,
Wing Fenice attacked by three oldies.

Zaku Tank, MS09-G Dwadge

and one other model 

what is this? Updated: It's Tieren Taozi from Gundam 00 (thanks @DustinWilkinson)

and then attacked by crowd of angry fighters...

GM1-F Bandit

Green custom Gundam Epyon ! 

Gaw carrier, 

Gengaozoa , who leading all the angry bachelors to attack Ricardo Fellini, because he stole their girlfriends

can't remember this one

Updated: it is Vigna Ghina from Gundam F91, thanks @SeabookArno

Gundam Virsago Chest Break

Finally the giant mega size Zaku arrived. Is that mean you can put Gundam Perfect Grade into (mostly) High Grade tournament? LOL...

Mega size Zaku ? UPDATED - Episode 12 said it is Mega Size Zaku, supposedly 1/48 scale

 UPDATED - Episode 12 , MSM-03C Hygogg by Renato Brothers. The unit got destroyed is UMF-5 ZnO in red color!! Did Bandai release ZnO before?

can't wait for next episode!
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Sunday, 8 December 2013

List of High Grade Build Fighter Gundam HGBF 1/144 (Part 1)

We are now reaching episode 10 of our 2013 Gundam series, the Gundam Build Fighter. It is by far the most extreme move by Sunrise, switching the whole serious Gundam world into a toy-combat genre anime, with Gunpla as their "weapon". Pretty shocking for the idea, but I think Gundam fans now already see the positive side of the series and for the most rewarding aspect, we will have many many new models to be released in new design.

I will now listing out known High Grade releases based on Gundam Build Fighter. Bandai has creating new High Grade Build Fighter (HGBF) line up. Most of the mecha used in the series are very popular, and some are the underated, lesser popular model that deserved to get known better, such as Kampfer or Gerbera Tetra. Then we will need to stand the comical Beargguy III, which is literally a Teddy bear version of Gundam. Since I am mostly a photographer sucked into Gundam / Gunpla world, my knowledge on the details are limited, feedback are welcome. I creating this list personally to help me remind to this new line up.

The whole Gundam Build Fighter series can be viewed free on their Youtube Channel, translated into English, Korean and Mandarin language! I divide this post into two parts, See
January 2014 Part 3 HERE

GAT-X105B/FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package
1/144 HGBF : Characters : Sei Iori (builder) and Reiji (pilot)
Buy from AMAZON

The main titular gunpla in the series, using one of most popular Gundam design the Strike from SEED series. Already released and storming the market.

Build Strike Gundam Full Package - 1/144

XXXG-01W Wing Gundam
1/144 HGAC character: Takeshi Iori and Sei Iori
Buy it Here- AMAZON

This model is actually the first to appear in the Build Fighter combat scene. I think it supposed to be build by Sei's father and legacy to Sei. I like it because Wing Gundam is also very popular mecha, it's good to see this being re-design. The package was boxed under HG After Colony line up, I think it will not featured in the main Build Fighter storyline, because there already another Wing Fenice on the line up. Wing Gundam is released under HG ALL GUNDAM PROJECT campaign.

Gundam Wing 2013, as seen in the Gundam Info official website

Gundam Wing XXXG-01 W 1/144 HGAC 

YMS-15SS Gyan  and then Gyan Gya Gyan
released under HGUC - character : Suzumu Sazaki
Buy it HERE - Amazon

The second model in the combat scene, Gyan is lesser known mecha used by Suzumu Sazaki when challenged Sei's Wing Gundam . Bandai has yet to released this model under Build Fighter flag, by the time of writing

MS-06R-AB Zaku Amazing
1/144 HGBF - character : Tatsuya Yuuki
Buy it Here - Amazon

This is 'experienced' Gunpla model that won the real Build Fighter tournament in the story. The owner and pilot is Tatsuya Yuuki. He is serious fighter, captain the Gunpla club at school and tournament winner. Rival to Rei but also school mate of him. Zaku is always captivating, and this new 2013 Build Fighter version of Zaku Amazing is just amazing in design.

Zaku Amazing 1/144 HGBF cover box

GX-9999 Gundam X Maoh
1/144 HGBF - character: Mao Yasaka
Buy it Here - Amazon

Remake of Gundam X from After War timeline. In the After War story, X needed a moon to charge its power. In Build Fighter, since it is out of the story, the model can "self-charge and fire the Hyper Satellite Cannon without the need of the moon within its proximity." Very like the new design.

a must have newly design Gundam X , long waited by After War fans

XXXG-01WF Wing Gundam Fenice 
1/144 HGBF - Character : Ricardo Fellini
Buy it here at Amazon

Perhaps the most important full remake of Wing Gundam, is Wing Gundam Fenice. Owned by Italiano Ricardo Fellini. Its green design is fresh to the eye and mixed well with other mecha.  The design is asymmetrical from head to legs. Technically it will make the assembling process  interesting, because the left and right parts is now not just a plain mirror copy. The eyes itself is different in colors, left eye is green and its right eye is pink. It can dock with unicycle vehicle called "Meteor Hopper"

the asymmetrical Gundam Wing Fenice

Unicicling Meteor Hopper for Gundam Wing Fenice

GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X
1/144 HGAC character : Kato
Buy it Here - Amazon

This is the other important Gundam X from After War that appeared in Build Fighter. Was operated by Kato, who is Sei and Reiji opponents. It is released under HGAW line up, so Double X will probably did not have major rules in Build Fighter series further on. It is part of HG ALL GUNDAM Project.

Gundam Double X 1/144 HGAW cover box from Bandai

see PART 2