Monday, 17 February 2014

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 19 Astray's Blade

Here the screenshot for Gundam Build Fighters cameos, this is episode 19 edition. Only few cameos appeared on this episode, which focus on the battle between Nils Nielsen Samuray Boy vs Reiji / Sei Iori, or Sengoku Astray vs Star Build Strike. This is the final 8 round for Gunpla World Tournament. Updated: Episode 20 Aila's Betrayal screenshot added.

The screenshots:

Gundam Virtue as Sengoku Astray earlier opponent

the girls are Kati Mannequin and Sumeragi Lee Noriega 
then the background can be Overflags pilots: Howard Mason, ?, Daryl Dogde (?)

battle of Sengoku Astray vs Star Build Strike
Field 11, Castle

Episode 20 Aila's Betrayal cameos:

Gundam Ptolemaios carrier for PSPE's secret gunpla project

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Gunpla Releases of the Month - February 2014

Let's take a look on Bandai Gunpla releases for February 2014 :

The Master Grade line up for Bandai still dominated by Gundam Build Fighter and Unicorn, which is active show at the moment. (all photos by official Bandai website)

Sengoku Astray Gundam - Build Fighter Nils Nielsen Custom Made Suite
in Master Grade

Looks pretty bad-ass and very details - Sengoku Astray Gundam

it is understandable that the titular model for Gundam Build Fighters series , Build Strike Gundam, is hastily releases in Master Grade

Build Strike Gundam Full Package GAT-X105B/FP
Sei Iori Custom Made Mobile Suit Master Grade 1/100 Bandai

Superb shinny Unicorn version, is the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex
in Master Grade

This is a unit that only seen in Mobile Suit Gundam UC: One of Seventy Two short animation, run in August 2013


GM Sniper K9 by Renato Brothers in Gundam Build Fighter series

in the story, this unit defeated Thailand's Luang Dallara, thus making his own reputation by now

GM Sniper K9
Build Fighter Renato Brothers Custom Made Mobile Suit

Monday, 3 February 2014

Gundam Build Fighter Episode 17 Model of the Hearts - Cameos

On the Gundam Build Fighter series episode 17, we come to the final 16 of the 7th Gunpla World Tournament. The main battle is Sei Iori / Reiji vs Mao Yasaka. Lots of gunpla cameos comes in the way, most are collections of the Sinshe in the Shinyo School. The gunpla in Master Chinan collections was taken from this custom competition. (UPDATED: English page is HERE) The sensei also collected.... lots of female figures. Please help ID the gunplas and cameos....

These are the screenshots of Gundam Build Fighter Episode 17, Model of the Hearts:

Check the screenshots of Gunpla appearances in other episode 11/12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 19 - 23 - 24/25

MSA-0011[Ext] Ex-S Gundam, belong to young Mao Yasaka

and his opponent................ ?

GF12-035NH/GF13-001NH Kowloon Gundam pilot by Sinshe / Master Chinan

seriously, a Mermaid Gundam and ......


........................... ?

the final 16 and known result as per Episode 17:
Left brackets:
Raman Khan vs Ricardo Fellini
Peter Morris vs Aila Jyrkiainen
Georgios Laertius vs Nils Nielsen
Sei Iori / Reiji vs Mao Yasaka

Right brackets:
leon Szpilman vs John Ayers mackenzie
Lula Santana vs Patrick Mannequin
Mario / Julio Renato vs Luang Dallara
Justin Fox vs Meijin Kawaguchi the 3rd