Monday, 17 February 2014

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 19 Astray's Blade

Here the screenshot for Gundam Build Fighters cameos, this is episode 19 edition. Only few cameos appeared on this episode, which focus on the battle between Nils Nielsen Samuray Boy vs Reiji / Sei Iori, or Sengoku Astray vs Star Build Strike. This is the final 8 round for Gunpla World Tournament. Updated: Episode 20 Aila's Betrayal screenshot added.

The screenshots:

Gundam Virtue as Sengoku Astray earlier opponent

the girls are Kati Mannequin and Sumeragi Lee Noriega 
then the background can be Overflags pilots: Howard Mason, ?, Daryl Dogde (?)

battle of Sengoku Astray vs Star Build Strike
Field 11, Castle

Episode 20 Aila's Betrayal cameos:

Gundam Ptolemaios carrier for PSPE's secret gunpla project

it is Project A5 - the data screenshot

strongest gunpla in the world

speculated Exia Dark Matter... but the color is yet the same as the gunpla being in display recently?

Episode 20 is about Qubeley Papillon vs Gundam Wing Fenice, which is the tragic end of Fellini

Reiji's Beginning Gundam, also ended in tragic...

see the other episodes cameos:
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