Monday, 17 December 2012

Gundam AGE-3 Orbital 1/144

Model: Gundam AGE-3 Orbital
Scale: 1/144
HG Gundam AGE

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This is Gundam AGE-3 Orbital in photo shoot. The setup is simple, just a room lightning and external flash as main lightning. The angle for flash is vary and can be seen from the result. Gundam AGE-3 is beautiful white-red-blue Gundam classic color. The addition of the flash that bounced to yellowish plafon and wall reflected in the color tone produced by it. Please enjoy.

a full pose, the model kit come with stand. Lightning were coming from a 320EX flash that stand 30 degree in front, bounced to ceiling

the dark background give the colorful Gundam color come out beautifully

standard pose of Gundam AGE-3 Orbital, 1/144 High Grade

a close up shoot, with 50mm Canon lens

the flash light are set 90 degree from the side, giving a dramatic result

full pose of this versatile Gundam Model Kit

Friday, 6 July 2012

Gafran 1/144 HG Gundam Age

Model: Gafran
Scale: 1/144
Grade: HG
Series: Gundam Age
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Gafran is a mobile suit model from Vagan / Unknown Enemy in Gundam AGE world. The model can be transform from robot to flight mode. The head parts is interesting because of the additional cheek protector. It's a very nice model in blue matte color. A little bit hard to balance because of the additional tail and wings, so you'll need to adjust the standing very carefully. New model from Gundam AGE 2011/12 series.

The photos taken with Canon EOS 650D, a DSLR camera with touch screen feature! Photoshop editing to all the photos. Enjoy.

the box cover art

hello world.... Gafran here

infra blue version

Gafran Photoshop editting, black and white infra blue filter

Gafran Wallpaper

Gafran with Wings and Armament

Wings and Weapon

Leg Parts

Upper Body Parts
HG Age - Gafran Backview

Gundam Model - Gafran  Top view

and special.......
Gundam pudding ... Itadakimasu!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Gundam of Zeon (Gouf Kampfer Zaku Gelgoog)

Here some photos from the Expo in Singapore back in 2009.

They are mecha collections from Principality of Zeon, mostly operating during the One Year War. The ZAKU design is one of Gundam franchise most original and memorable mecha, a benchmark for any other villain theme mecha design.

Gundam Gelgoog MS-14 - by Principality of Zeon
Grade : MG
Scale : 1:100

Gundam MS-10E Kampfer - by Principality of Zeon
Grade : MG
Scale : 1:100

Gundam GOUF - by Principality of Zeon
Grade : MG
Scale : 1:100

Gundam MS-06J Zaku - by Principality of Zeon
Grade : MG
Scale : 1:100