Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Gunpla Releases of the Month - February 2014

Let's take a look on Bandai Gunpla releases for February 2014 :

The Master Grade line up for Bandai still dominated by Gundam Build Fighter and Unicorn, which is active show at the moment. (all photos by official Bandai website)

Sengoku Astray Gundam - Build Fighter Nils Nielsen Custom Made Suite
in Master Grade

Looks pretty bad-ass and very details - Sengoku Astray Gundam

it is understandable that the titular model for Gundam Build Fighters series , Build Strike Gundam, is hastily releases in Master Grade

Build Strike Gundam Full Package GAT-X105B/FP
Sei Iori Custom Made Mobile Suit Master Grade 1/100 Bandai

Superb shinny Unicorn version, is the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex
in Master Grade

This is a unit that only seen in Mobile Suit Gundam UC: One of Seventy Two short animation, run in August 2013


GM Sniper K9 by Renato Brothers in Gundam Build Fighter series

in the story, this unit defeated Thailand's Luang Dallara, thus making his own reputation by now

GM Sniper K9
Build Fighter Renato Brothers Custom Made Mobile Suit

K9 Dog Pack is GM Sniper K9 Support Unit

Qubeley Papillon
Build Fighter Aila Jyrkiainen Custom Made Mobile Suit

AMX-009 Dreissen from Gundam ZZ

Neo Zeon Mass Produced Mobile Suit in High Grade UC line 

ARX-014 Silver Bullet
E.F.S.F. Quasi Psycommu Mobile Suit Test Type

HGUC Silver Bullet Bandai from Gundam ZZ series

MS-06R Zaku  II from the Thunderbolt Manga
High Mobility Type "Psycho Zaku"

HGUC Zaku II Thunderbolt version, as drawn by manga artist Yasuo Ohtagaki

MS-06 Zaku II - Thunderbolt Version

Zaku II Thunderbolt - Yasuo Ohtagaki version

A surprise for SEED and Cosmic Era fans - Aile Strike Gundam HGCE

GAT-X105+AQM / E-X01 Aile Strike Gundam
O.M.N.I. Enforcer Mobile Suit HGCE 1/144

AMX-014 Doven Wolf
Neo Zeon Quasi Psycommu Mobile Suite

Doven Wolf from Gundam ZZ, it's a tall size

High Grade Dark Exia

a good looking Dark Exia - speculated to be a gunpla for the Chairman of PPSE in Gundam Build Fighters series , as in episode 20-21-22, Meijin Yuuka Kawaguchi is going to have this as his gunpla
pre order HERE - AMAZON

the model as seen in World Hobby Fair 2014 - photo by (C) toho

Dark Exia Matter and Miss Sazabi

HG Miss Sazabi

High Grade Miss Sazabi - it's confirmed to be Aila Jyrkiainen's unit!

SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam Turn A in High Grade 

Turn A Gundam Moonlight Butterfly effect 
pre order at AMAZON

HGUC Unicorn Gundam 2  Banshee Norn 
Destroy Mode - available March 2014

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