Monday, 29 July 2013

Gundam XXXG-01H HeavyArms Photos

Those who miss Gundam Wing, especially Heavy Arms XXXG-01H, here a photo and some re-work photos from official Gundam Wing Model Album.

Piloted by Trowa Barton, HeavyArms is one of most popular design from MS Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz. Dozen of heavy armor is his signature, highly provocative when the arsenal all in 'ready to shoot' mode. We will find time to explore more pose and photography with this model. For now here a teaser and the artworks re-done from official Gundam Wing album.

photos by Mike-Jo (MJ) - Gundam HeavyArms XXXG-O1H from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

XXXG-01H2 HeavyArms Custom 1/144 Bandai "High Grade Fighting Action"
from Gundam Wing Model Kit Gallery

XXXG-01H Gundam HeavyArms 1/144 Bandai plastic kit "High Grade Fighting Action"
gunpla model album

XXXG-01H2 Gundam HeavyArms Custon Bandai 1/100
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