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Gundam MSN-06S Sinanju 1-144 HGUC

One of great Gundam design is MSN-06S Sinanju. Appeared in Gundam Suit Unicorn, Sinanju Stein was produced by Earth Federation's "UC Project". Operated by Neo Zeon and piloted by the mysterious Full Frontal.

A short review for Sinanju 1/144
The model itself, a 1/144 HG, comes in great incarnation from the anime. The most striking features are the details in stickers. If you are not keen in putting smaller than nails sticker, Sinanju maybe not your luck. Almost 90% of the black colors comes as sticker, so take your time to patiently work on it. His transparent yellow shape blade is also a great extras.

Model: Gundam MSN-06S Sinanju
High Grade Universal Century
Scale: 1/144
Pilot: Full Frontal

Here few photos by partner contributor, EKA L. Shoot using Nikon DSLR D5100.
I have also posted about Sinanju previously HERE.

frontal view of Sinanju 1/144, stickers everywhere and I think we missed the very tiny parts in the eyes

just great in design, reminiscence of ancient Japanese armed warrior

trying some close up and bokeh effect for Sinanju

photos by : EKA L - 2013
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