Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Gundam Build Fighters 2013 Preview

From the official website http://gundam-bf.net we then know that the next 2013 Gundam franchise will be presented in rather different concept than usual! Gundam Build Fighter was announced weeks ago and it will be a movie more a concept about toy fighting rather than another war epic. Keep the finger cross since we still have little hints on what's going on. Some of Gundam network reported that it will be a story about Gunpla builders to compete in the World Championship. So this is also mean Bandai put the Gundam world into one crossover movie, all models from Build Fighter will be taken from previous series. So far about four models being featured in detail on Bandai site. They are:

Build Strike Gundam - from Gundam SEED 
Zaku Amazing - from Gundam MSV (Mobile Suit Variation )
Gundam X Maoh - from Gundam X 
Wing Gundam Fenice - from Wing Gundam - new model?

Bandai also showcase a full lineup of Gundam HG All Project for its Gunpla incarnation. So far, here the rework of official Bandai artwork for Gundam Build Fighters 2013.

Gundam Build Fighter is the new 2013 series of Gundam, to be aired near October 2013

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I have updated more information about Gundam Build Fighter on this POST. Dec 2014.

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