Saturday, 22 June 2013

Gundam Blue Destiny - Single Flash Light

Taking a new photo of my Gundam Blue Destiny. Taken using DSLR Canon EOS 650D and the lighting scenes is only via one external flash, put in different places.

Blue Destiny appeared on Universal Century timeline, from the game "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story"

I like this background, it produced a nice matte reflections

I have posted earlier photo shoot with Gundam Blue Destiny, here

tags: Gunpla, 1/144 scale, Universal Century Side Story.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Gundam in LOMO styles - Strike GAT-X105 and F91

Here two of my old photos, still taken only via pocket camera. I try to resembling the LOMO (Lomography) style. Without the fisheye lens of course. But I added screen line , change the color balance into green and yellow-ish, then dimmed the light in elliptical shape.

The models are Gundam Strike GAT-X105 and F91 in Master Grade scale. Hope you enjoy it.

1280 x 800 LOMO Gundam artworks - Gundam F91 couple in actions

1280 x 800 resolution - couple of Gundam Strike GAT-X105 and Strike Noir GAT-X105E photo edit 

tags: lomo still life, photography gunpla , photoshop gundam

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