Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Gundam in LOMO styles - Strike GAT-X105 and F91

Here two of my old photos, still taken only via pocket camera. I try to resembling the LOMO (Lomography) style. Without the fisheye lens of course. But I added screen line , change the color balance into green and yellow-ish, then dimmed the light in elliptical shape.

The models are Gundam Strike GAT-X105 and F91 in Master Grade scale. Hope you enjoy it.

1280 x 800 LOMO Gundam artworks - Gundam F91 couple in actions

1280 x 800 resolution - couple of Gundam Strike GAT-X105 and Strike Noir GAT-X105E photo edit 

tags: lomo still life, photography gunpla , photoshop gundam

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