Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Universal Century Mecha Timeline Wallpaper

Using my Gundam photostock, I arrange the Universal Century timeline. I missed out the MS Igloo and G-Saviour in the beginning and last timeline, but overall this is the chronological timeline as appear in the Gundam canon. This is also fit in wallpaper resolution of 1280x800.

The titular mobile suit for each timeline / movie are as follows:
(U.C. 0079 One Year War in MS Igloo, mostly a Zaku Unit in use)

U.C. 0079 RX-78 (MS Gundam)
U.C. 0079 RX-78-2 (MS Gundam)
U.C. 0079 RX79BD Blue Destiny Unit 2 (MS Gundam Side Story Blue Destiny)
U.C. 0079 RX79(G)-Ez-8 (The 08th MS Team)
U.C. 0080 RX-78NT-1 Alex (War in the Pocket)
U.C. 0083 RX-78GP01 ZEPHYRANTHES (0083 Stardust Memory)
U.C. 0087 MSZ-006 ZETA (MS Gundam Zeta)
U.C. 0088 MSZ-010 ZZ (MS Gundam ZZ)
U.C. 0093 RX-93 v Nu Gundam (Char's Counter Attack)
U.C. 0096 RX-0 Unicorn (MS Gundam Unicorn)
U.C. 0123 F91 Gundam Formula 91 (MS Gundam F91)
U.C. 0153 LM314V21 Victory Gundam (MS Victory Gundam)

(U.C. 0223 in G-Saviour)

Wallpaper for Gundam Universal Century Timeline with titular mobile suits

1280x800 Wallpaper with Gundam model photograph, then using photoshop to create the artwork. 
The Unicorn photos are not my credit

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